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A Brief Primer to Delirus

The Mad Lands

The Mad Lands are a Gonzo Mish-Mash Kitchen Sink of Fun. What is to enjoy out of this setting? Below you will find a brief summary of what you might like in this setting?

Steampunk in Many Forms – This setting features several different “brands” of Steampunk. In the world of the Northland, Norse/Celtic Inspiration brings a feel of “Stormpunk” which has been made popular in games like Rhune. In the South, the setting is highly influenced by the real-world far east and occupies a technological development on part with Japan during the Meiji Revolution, but is still occupied with the kinds of wind-up “toys” which were made popular during the Tokukawa era. Even more wild and crazy versions of Steampunk can be seen in many corners of the world, influenced by Anime such as One Piece, Samurai 7, etc.

Gonzo Ultra-Fantasy – The world is not exactly normal in any respect. The Mad Lands are inhabited by many strange folk, some of which are popular in typical fantasy, but others are just plain weird. Wild, Half-Human, Half-Machine Orc Bikers, and Mechanically Augmented Goblins roam many parts of the world. A Mystical “Internet” has united the world and now nerds roam the plane as well. Through the population of this “Internet” the concept of Fame has become important and world-spanning. Fame has given rise to several important developments, including, but not limited to, Rocks Bands, Famous Inventors, and also Film Stars.

Aliens, Lots of Aliens – Delirus has become the Interplanar playing field of many Alien Species. Intergalactic Super-Dragons encased in Power Armor, Robots, Slimy Aliens, and Even Little Green Men have all come to Delirus in search of something… Some have come to find their fallen gods, some have come looking for knowledge, some have come looking for Spare Parts, and some have come looking for cattle.

1000 Different Types of Magic – Ok, maybe not 1000 different types, but there are a lot. This setting features a very “flexible” idea of what “Magic” actually is. This setting is not limited to Arcane and Divine Magic, but a multitude of other magics are out there. Life Magic, Primal Magic, Shadow Magic, Mind Magic, Void Magic, Dragon Magic, Storm Magic, Black Magic, Bio-Magic… the list goes on and on. What they all have in common is the ability to produce Extraordinary Results from virtually nothing but a little bit of know-how and the right diamond dust.

Giant Robots – Yes. There are Giant Robots. Giant Robots of every Different Shape and Size.

Understanding the World

Every Story Needs a Narrator

Letters from Artorius – A series of letters, written by Primus Pilus, Lord Justus Artorius, Centurion of the First, to the Legatus Legionus, Lord of the 23rd Legion, sent to investigate the nature of the Mad Lands. These letters provide an interpretation of the world through the eyes of the Drakonar visitors. They are written during the Second Coming.

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