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The Mad Lands is a world split in two. Thousands of years ago, a comet fell into the material plane, shattering the continent and splitting it in twain. From that event, two societies developed independently of each other. Sigilsval in the North and Kimyona in the South.

Several hundred years ago, both of these societies witnessed the First Contact – fleets of Airship visited the plane from the Great Black which blankets the night sky. Though their visit was brief, both nations were forever changed and began to develop technology, mimicking their interplanar visitors – but, the imitations weren’t exactly what the visitors had created.

Now, the world is in the age of Second Contact; the visitors have returned to the world. The Drakonar have come to reclaim their former progenitors, their so-called “Dragon Gods” and have begun their excavation. They have laid claim to the meteor that collided with plane so many eons ago. The meteor, a shard of their long lost home world, is believed to have contain within it the most powerful members of their species.

The Second Contact of the Drakonar has put the world in a stand-still. Long lasting wars have all but dried up as all eyes, and fears, are directed toward the newcomers. But, the Drakonar seem to have come in peace and have, up until now, shown no signs of aggression towards the people of both Sigilsval and Kimyona. As a side effect, attention has turned, for the first time, away from war, and towards other pursuits.

Mad Lands

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